July 22, 2024

A Few Safety Tips to Remember While Using Plastic and Metal Pallets

Pallet inverters are quickly becoming an essential piece of machinery in the pharmaceutical and warehouse sectors. Industries have been employing this equipment for a number of years, and there are a select few manufacturers who can produce some of the highest-quality inverters on the market.

These devices can all be utilised for a variety of flexible solutions. Top Industries Inc. is also one such company that can offer you a pallet inverter to make your operation fully safe.

Use the following safety tips to ensure your employees will be able to handle all your pallets with great care.

Never stand on your pallet

Pallets are intended for lifting and transporting cargo; they should not be utilised to stand your staff. Pallets can support a lot of weight, however they might only function properly if the weight is distributed uniformly.

All the weight when your employees stand on the pallet is only supported where their feet touch the pallet.

Never stack pallets on their side

It is not recommended to stack pallets on their sides. Pallets leaning against a wall or another surface could endanger your workers.

If one of your employees happens to be close, your pallets could fall or tip over and crush them because they could not be stable.

Wear protective clothing

When handling pallets, make sure you and your staff are wearing safety clothes. When handling pallets, it is best to use gloves to prevent inadvertent finger crushing between two pallets, your goods and the pallet, or the pallet and the floor. Wearing protective footwear is important since the same is true for your toes.

Thoroughly inspect pallets before you use them

In your warehouse or storage space, never use broken or damaged pallets. If the pallet is damaged in any way, one of your cargo or employees could simply fall through it.

Additionally, your shipment could topple over or tip, crushing a worker. Prior to reintroducing your pallets into the supply chain, give them a thorough inspection.

Clean up your pallets after use

The same is true with plastic and metal pallets, which can also distribute waste like wood chips and shavings. When you and your team use your pallets frequently, metal and plastic shavings may amass on the floor.

Keep in mind to clean the floor of your establishment frequently and keep an eye out for anything that could cause one of your employees to trip and fall.

Use caution while lifting or moving pallets

Pallets can range in weight from 20 to 70 pounds. Use light-weight pallets if you and your staff are accustomed to lifting them by hand to prevent injuries.

Avoid over-stacking your pallets

Pallets should be stacked horizontally wherever possible to prevent falling or toppling, although stacking them too high might also provide a risk.

To prevent your employees from being crushed under falling pallets, don’t stack your pallets higher than four feet off the ground.

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