July 14, 2024

BBQs2u for the Amazing Cooking Products

Blackstone products are extremely popular in the UK nowadays due to their numerous benefits. Their products are easy to use and maintain. Those who are looking for affordable griddles that work amazingly must try the Blackstone griddles. By using their griddles, several food items can be prepared easily in no time. By saving time, people will get a chance to spend more time with their loved ones. Their products can improve family bonding in a great way.

BBQs2u would be a great help to people, who are looking for genuine cooking products. At BBQs2u, you can find products from various reputed brands such as Kamado Joe, Ooni Pizza ovens, and Blackstone. This means it is not at all required to visit various stores for buying all the outdoor or indoor cooking products that you need.

You can save a lot of time because you can find everything that you want in one store. They provide safe payment options to their customers online. They will provide some attractive discounts on their products from time to time to their customers.

Check their website to know about their offers and discounts on products from various brands. Don’t forget to check out the features of all the new Blackstone 28″ Griddle with AirFryer which is a latest addition on BBQs2u website.

Blackstone 28 inches Griddle with Hood

This griddle with hood comes with amazing features, which help to prepare multiple food items with ease. As this griddle comes with two cooking zones (independent), it helps you cook using your complete potential. The main advantage of choosing this product is, it comes with a hood, that offers protection from the elements outside. It also helps in steaming and cooking food evenly. This product comes under £600.00.

Most people often buy this product with a griddle cover meant for 28 inches griddle and a basting cover. It has two heat controls that can be adjusted as per the users’ requirements. The side shelves help you to place whichever items you wanted to place on it when cooking. The 2 industrial wheels help in moving the griddle easily wherever you want. This griddle comes with one more compartment downside, which helps in serving meals to your family.

The overall weight of the package would be 93 pounds, which is not so heavier. The height of this product would be 37 inches and the width would be 53 inches. It can be quite surprising to hear this, but the capacity of the griddle top would be 18 steaks or 21 burgers or 15 pancakes, or 48 bacon.

When it comes to durability, the products from Blackstone stand at the top. In fact, any product that is found at BBQs2u is highly durable. BBQs2u sells only high-performance, durable, and affordable products from various brands. People who haven’t used the griddles any time before could approach the team is BBQs2u to know how to use them. Doing this can give a better understanding. However, a user manual will be provided with every Blackstone griddle. Read the instructions there carefully to know how to use it in the right way.

Blackstone Original 28in Griddle With Hood

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