June 14, 2024

Create precious memories with a Dubai yacht photoshoot

A dazzling array of experiences await visitors in Dubai, one of the most popular tourist destinations. Everyone can enjoy the air-conditioned malls and thrilling desert safaris. Dubai yacht photoshoots are a great way to capture precious memories of this wonderful city.

Why do a yacht photoshoot in Dubai? 

Private yacht photoshoots offer stunning and unique images that you can’t get anywhere else. Dubai’s dramatic, ever-growing skyline provides a truly awe-inspiring backdrop for photos. You’ll get shots of the world-famous Burj Al Arab Hotel, the glittering Dubai Marina, and the enormous Palm Islands. Renting a luxury yacht also conveys glamour, sophistication, and affluence in photos. Pose with a glass of bubbly at the spacious deck of an elegant motor yacht cruising along Dubai’s shores or docked near landmarks like Atlantis, and The Palm. The possibilities for Instagram-worthy images are endless. Yacht photoshoots are ideal for couples, families, milestone events, proposals, fashion shoots, professional headshots, and so much more. No matter who is being photographed or what the occasion is, chartering a private luxury boat ensures a day of happiness and stunning photographs.  

Renting a yacht for your dubai photoshoot

Selecting the perfect vessel for your Dubai yacht photoshoot, you’ll want to choose based on the size of your group as well as the specific backdrop and angles you’re looking to capture. For smaller parties up to 10 guests, boats like the Princess 55 provide spacious seating areas for posing along with an open aft deck perfect for glacial shots of the Dubai skyline. Groups larger than 12 may want to consider renting luxury yachts 90 feet and above. These provide even more room for photo shoots along with plenty of windows and multiple entertaining decks. You’ll also want to decide if you wish to charter a motor or sailing yacht. Modern motor yachts offer stability and often more interior room. However, the billowing sails and towering masts of sailing boats create fantastic visual interest, textures, and layers to photos. 

Add thrills with jetcar or helicopter

yacht booking dubai offers exciting add-ons such as rides in an 800hp JetCar and helicopter tours. Experience the thrill of shooting across the water at speeds over 200 mph in a custom-built JetCar with your hair flying in the wind and Dubai’s skyscrapers zooming past in a blur. Capture the exhilaration on camera with huge smiles and adrenaline pumping. Alternatively, hop aboard a helicopter for breathtaking aerial views of Dubai before being chauffeured back to your luxury yacht. Get ready for truly birds-eye-view shots of Palm Island, Burj Al Arab, and other landmarks from a perspective relatively few get the chance to see. Finish off with bubbly to celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience.


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