May 21, 2024

Nursing is a noble and lucrative field. We can’t really picture a doctor without a nurse. Whether you’re a man or a woman, nursing is a career option that will open many new doors for you. As a practical nurse, you will be responsible for quite a few things.

Here’s an article that highlights the responsibilities/duties of a practical nurse. If you are considering nursing as a career option, then this article is meant for you.

Who’s a practical nurse?

A practical nurse is someone who provides high-quality care services for hospital/clinic patients. They assist the patients with their concerns and needs.

Practical nurses work in health institutions and also private households. They support the hospital/clinic patients with day-to-day activities like administering medication, monitoring the current condition, and informing the doctor about the health of the patient.

The Duties of a Practical Nurse: A quick checklist

As a practical nurse, you will be responsible for the following things:

  1. Changing the bandages of patients
  2. Assisting with different procedures and tests
  3. Monitoring the clinic/hospital patient’s health such as their health conditions and vitals
  4. Basic care of patients
  5. Documenting the details of patient concerns
  6. Giving medication and injection
  7. Performance of CPR in an emergency setup

A licensed practical nurse works under registered nurses and also doctors. They are not just there to change bandages and administer injections and medications. The practical nurses are also responsible for teaching families about caring for injured relatives and loved ones.

Also, a licensed practical nurse can specialize in pediatrics, trauma ICU, burn unit, neuro ICU, cardiac ICU, labor and delivery, oncology, neonatal, emergency room, and rehabilitation.

Where does a licensed practical nurse work?

A practical nurse works in rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, and also long-term setups like homes. If someone wants to keep the patient at home, these practical nurses will come home and take care of the patient and track progress. You will also find these practical nurses in urgent care medical centers, nursing homes, clinics, schools, psychiatric centers, and government agencies. Some positions would need full-time attention and you may need to work on weekends and nights as well.

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Finding a lucrative job as a practical nurse is a possibility when you look at the right places and are confident about your skills.

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