July 14, 2024

Floor sanding process and tricks

Floor sanding process and tricks

Are you waiting for floor sanding, or do you want to utilize this process at home but have no idea how it works?

Cleaning the top surface of wooden floors with some abrasive material is known as floor sanding. There are some floors that can be sanded like particleboard, cork, timber, or parquet floors. Some floors need sanding. Most people use the floor sanding process after removing previous floors. And suitable wood may be found beneath the floor.

Stages of floor sanding

The process of floor sanding depends on three processes that are being used. In the preparation of sanding floors protective sealant and coating are also used.

Drum Sander

Now all modern projects use a specialized floor sanding machine to make their project complete drum. The Sander machine is insisted on two versions 110v and 220v. It is heavier than 110v and removes wood material. Many homeowners who don’t want to hire anyone for floor sanding use a 110v machine because it is prepared and available at any tool rental shop. The marks and deep scratches found on the floor can vanish through sandpaper belts.

A rotatory machine is also used to cover corners, shelves, edges, and the place beneath shelves. And the stripping method depends upon the weight of the machine; it can be useful for surface treatment and light sealant.

A buffing machine is also used in the final touch of wooden floor finishing. It’s a rotatory machine with a fine abrasive. It helps to remove the difference between vertical and horizontal circulation found in drum machines. And can remove minor defects.


The process is the first stage of wood floor sanding. In this method, all the nails which protrude from the wooden board can be punched. Because if they remain on the floors then they can damage the sanding machine. Some type of adhesive is also used to cover the floor. Some varnish material or adhesive oil can clog the sandpaper and make the sanding process impossible.

Coarse grit sandpaper is also used in removing old coats and making the floor flat. It is used in hardwoods, oak, and maple. When the wooden floor planks are cupped, uneven, or warped it requires Multi passes.

The floor sanding method is done with some sealants and oil.  And varnish. These are oil-based and highly poisonous so wearing a suitable respiratory mask is recommended.


Floor sanding is responsible for giving a new character to your old floors and all patina can be removed from it. Some empty holes by warm can be seen after floor sanding. If the inferior sanding machine has been used on the floors, chatter marks may appear on it and this can cause a reduction in the sale price of the property. complete floor replacement is required if the sanding machine is not settled in the right position, then corners, and edges may give a rippling effect on wood floors or parquet floors. And leaves a terrible impression. These marks are only gone after applying stain sealant on the feet.

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