May 18, 2024

Hiring a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Salt Lake City: Freeing Yourself from the Abuse and Ensuring Your Safety 

If you are a domestic violence victim, you may feel like you are alone in your ordeal and that no one can help you. It can be daunting to try to escape your abusive spouse unless you have somebody by your side to offer the necessary support. But if you want to put an end to the divorce and escape from the relationship altogether, you should hire a Salt Lake City domestic violence lawyer. Here’s why:

Getting a Divorce and Fighting for Child Custody

If you and your abusive spouse have children, you may want to file for divorce or move out of your house but not give up custody of your children. An attorney can concentrate on divorce proceedings, child custody and support, as well as domestic violence. Such proceedings and decisions may occur at once, and an attorney can help protect your rights and assets as well as get the financial support you deserve. They can show you various ways to get back on your feet and seek emotional relief after you went through those traumatic experiences.

Securing a Protective Order

A court can issue a protective order against an abusive spouse who is found guilty of battery, assault, stalking, false imprisonment, kidnapping, and other crimes that lead to physical injury. Also, a judge can issue an ex parte protective order that can last for twenty days if you are found to be in imminent danger. A judge can issue a permanent protective order, which expires after 3 years. Your attorney can speed up such processes and prove the importance of protective orders for your safety and well-being. 

Testifying Against Your Abusive Spouse in Court

As you try to end the abuse and protect yourself from it, you may need to be coached on how to represent yourself and talk to law enforcement and courtroom members. Your lawyer can help you determine what you can and cannot tell the police, your abusive spouse, and people in court. The attorney of your spouse may argue that you are making false accusations and that you accused your abusive spouse for spiteful reasons. You should not allow the judge or jury to believe this story. 

Filing a Lawsuit

Even if you have filed for divorce or obtained a restraining order, you continue to deal with the physical injuries, emotional trauma, and other effects of domestic violence. Because of this, you may want to sue your spouse for financial and physical damages they cost after they abused you. Your attorney can help you file a lawsuit and recover the damages you deserve. 

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