June 14, 2024

How Dentures Can Improve Your Life in Fort Myers, FL

Losing even one tooth can be devastating because it can affect your well-being as well as your ability to eat and speak comfortably. If you have missing teeth, you may need to pick foods that require little chewing or no chewing at all. However, these foods may be bland to consume. Plus, they may not contain essential nutrients, increasing your risk of developing other health issues. 

If you want to improve your look and mouth function, you may want to consider getting dentures from a reliable Fort Myers, FL dentist. This is a minimally invasive option that can be made quickly. Getting dentures can make a significant difference in your daily life, letting you eat comfortably and socialize with others. 

When Dentures are a Great Option

Dentures work in your mouth by getting support from your gums. They are made to restore your teeth’s entire arches. Partial dentures are used for replacing several missing teeth and come with clasps made to fit around existing teeth, offering extra support and stability. Meanwhile, full dentures are made with an acrylic base of which shade closely matches your real gums. Also, this supports your denture teeth. Also, partial dentures come with the same base, including a cobalt chrome alloy base. This lightweight metal strengthens the denture, ensuring it feels comfortable. 

Over the years, the materials used for dentures have become more sophisticated than ever, and denture teeth are not available in various colors, sizes, and shapes. Today, a skilled dental technician will take serious care when fabricating a denture, offering very lifelike restorations. 

Restoring Your Smile

After knowing you will be losing teeth through professional extraction, it’s normal to worry about how this might impact your look. However, you can always opt to get an immediate denture. Your dentist can fabricate this denture before they remove your teeth. They can place the dentures immediately after the removal of your teeth. But keep in mind that these dentures will not fit properly compared with permanent dentures because your gums will shrink as they heal. Your dentist can fit your dentures comfortably by relining your dentures and adding more material to the fitting surface nearest the gums. You can use immediate dentures until your gums have healed. At this point, your dentist can make your proper dentures. 

Creating a good denture is a precise procedure. Your dentist will collaborate with their dental laboratory to design a denture that fits comfortably, offers maximum retention, and looks quite natural. 

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