April 23, 2024

How to Ensure the Safety of a Data Centre?

A successful data centre is an amalgamation of elite architecture, coupled with conscious IT and cybersecurity. Constructing a building of such high importance and leaving out measures to protect it is a big blunder that architects cannot afford today. For this, there is a certain combination of policies, processes, procedures, and technologies that can be applied to not let the safety of a data centre get compromised.

The physical security measures

When thinking about data centres, most of us tend to ignore physical security in the first place. This is necessary to protect organizational data and prevent data losses that pave the way for cyberattacks. If a data centre is being constructed, it is better to not rely on a cloud or colocation storage in the first place. Going for physical storage is more viable and hence choosing the location of the centre is important. The location may be a densely populated area or a secluded region where there will not be any major threats of weather-related dangers or low-lying depressions. The geolocation also must be safe from floodwaters and earthquakes.

Advanced physical security measures

Besides the location, there are certainly more aspects to physical security. These might include:

  • Concrete walls and structures that are reinforced with added security. These can be very good protection against any external facility attack.
  • Bolted server cabinets and cages are necessary if the centre is in a secluded region. They are fixed firmly onto the grounds and are secured safely with automatic locks.
  • Control units that regularly monitor the environmental changes and regulate the temperature and humidity within the facility.

Avenue for space within the centre

Virtual threats within a data centre will completely be foreseen by the IT department but the responsibility of the physical security remains under the architect’s responsibility. For that, the floor design must be made in a way with has clear visibility through the surveillance systems. Great space for movement, uncluttered system installation, right lighting abilities, and emergency floor accessibility can save the centre from inside.

Why secure data centres?

Security is crucial for any business, and data centres are no exception. Here is why security is needed:

  • Any security breach is directly going to affect the reputation of the business and will lose customer trust.
  • The industry regulations might file a noncompliance fine against the business.
  • The loss of revenue and other financial damages are additional aspects.

With security being of utmost importance, Stendel Reich data centre projects ensure complete safety from the inside out.

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