July 14, 2024

New to gaming? Here’s how you can find the perfect monitor!

Gamers are usually very possessive about their gaming setup. If you are new to this and want to get everything at home for those perfect game nights, it makes sense to pick the right things. Of course, it all starts with a gaming console. There are all sorts of choices, depending on your budget. You may also need connecting wires and related products, and you can check Primecables DVI cables at amazing prices online. Among other things, you definitely need a gaming monitor. This guide is aimed at new gamers, who want a good monitor for their personal needs.

Should you get a curved monitor?

This is a matter of personal choice. For gaming strictly, you don’t essentially need a curved monitor, although there is no denying that these monitors do not strain the eyes as much. If you are buying your first gaming monitor, you can stick to a standard flat monitor. 

How important is the size of a gaming monitor?

This again depends. However, in case of gaming, you need to have the vision to catch up with everything that’s happening on the screen. As such, a huge monitor doesn’t really serve the purpose. Experienced gamers usually stick to a standard 24-inch or 28-inch monitor. As a standard rule of thumb, avoid gaming monitors that are bigger than 30-inch in size. 

What about the panel type?

There are three types of monitor panels in the market – TN, IPS, and VA. When it is just about gaming, you need to consider two critical tech aspects – 

  1. Refresh rate
  2. Response times

The refresh rate refers to the number of times the image on screen is updated every second. Bigger is always better, and you need at least a refresh rate of 60hz. For response times, shorter is always the best. Now, TN panels offer the best of refresh rates and response times, but don’t expect awesome image quality as with VA panels. VA panels are great when it comes to color production and picture contrast, but don’t have the best refresh rates. If you want something that offers the best of both worlds, consider going for an IPS panel. 

If you want to find the best gaming monitors within a small budget, online stores are your best bet. You are likely to find a wider range of brands and products. A good gaming monitor is likely to cost at least $300 and beyond. 

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