April 19, 2024

Reasons why carpets are placed in the masjid?

Prayer can be offered on neat and clean flooring but if the carpet is placed there, it gives a soft feeling to the people. A soft piled and sensational carpets motivate the people to come there for offer prayers. Wall to wall carpets are also used to enhance the comfort level and elegance of the masjid. The base of carpets for the masjid belongs to Turkey is also considered as the origin of these carpets. The carpets for masjids are available in a beautiful variety that includes plain carpets and printed as well. There is a large range of geometrical patterns over them. Along with these features, you must look over


  • The thickness of the carpets is a basic factor, with large thickness, it is comfortable for worshipers.

Thread type

  • The thread used in the knitting of the carpets plays an important part in establishing its quality, and this component is determined by the buyer’s wish. If you want soft carpets, polyester is the way to go, but if you want comfort, wool is also an option.


The colors of the mosque carpet are near to one another, with the most well-known being dark blue, dark red, and dark green, with gold and black added to them, as well as certain colors that compliment the appealing look, although it should be noted that dark blue is the most durable.

Features of Masjid Carpets

If chosen, wall-to-wall carpets for the masjid are manufactured through original wool in order to make them allergy-free for the people. Most carpet manufacturers offer the following features that provide comfort.

  • Customization

It is always beneficial to have masjid carpets customized as per requirements. These carpets can be customized in the color with the matching of the theme of the masjid. The prints on the carpets are also customized according to the choice. Most of the designs are inspired by the Turkish masjid carpets and they increase the beauty of the masjids.

  • Long-Lasting and Durability

The administration of the masjid decides which type of carpet is suitable for the masjid. They can choose from the ready stock otherwise they go for the customization according to the requirements. Carpets of the masjid are not used roughly because children under the age of 7 years are not allowed in the masjids. As a result, masjid carpets are often used for a longer period of time than house carpets. But keep in mind while purchasing masjids receive heavy foot-traffic almost 5 times a day so choose the appropriate quality.


  • Affordable Prices

Masjids always remain neat and clean and provide satisfaction to the people who offer prayer there. The cost of customization can be increased a little bit but if you will compare the features then you will find the price quite affordable. As far as the long-lasting is concerned, the easy cleaning and low maintenance of the masjid carpets prove the durability of these carpets.

Whenever masjid carpets are purchased, always check the material. If you choose the wrong material, then it may cause allergies to the skins that may lead to several issues.

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