May 21, 2024

Right Shoes According to Toddlers Feet

Most children start to walk around between 9 and 20 months of age. Most of the children are flat-foot when they first start walking or try to turn their feet inwards because ligament stiffness & muscles strength needs to get to other development. Always ask your doctor if you are concerned about your child’s feet or the way they walk.

When a child learns to walk he feels important sensory information from the soles of their feet when they touching the ground. Footwear helps to protect their feet from injury and also from the changing weather conditions.

Children should be in a soft-soled shoe when they start learning to walk r even barefoot so they can feel what they touch with their feet and increase muscle strength. When children have been walking on their own confidently for a while, they can progress to a liable toddler shoes Canada. Have your child’s shoes perfectly fitted, which include measuring their foot for length and width. Children’s feet grow very quickly and their shoe size may also increase every few months. Shoes that are too tight are uncomfortable for your child’s walking and can lead to severe foot problems, such as ingrown toenails.

Suggestions for toddlers’ shoes

Shoes for your toddler should ideally have:

  • a comfortable fit
  • space for the toes to breath
  • a flexible, flat bendable sole
  • to match the natural shape of the foot front of the shoe should be wider
  • a solid heel counter
  • laces or straps to prevent slipping of the foot inside the shoe.

Expensive and branded shoes are not always a good choice. Children’s shoes outgrow very quickly quality shoes for toddlers.

Feet that turn inwards

Many toddlers walk, with either one or both feet turned in-toeing. In-toeing can come from the foot, lower leg, or upper leg. It is important to see your child’s doctor if your child’s feet are stiff or if their in-toeing is: severe, not improving with age, affecting one leg, or causing a slide in school-aged children.

Feet that turn outwards

It is very often, children walk with their feet turned outwards. In most cases, outwards toes resolve by themselves and balance matures. See your child doctor if your child’s out-toeing is: severe, affecting one leg, and causing pain.

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