May 21, 2024

Skin Rejuvenation- Laser Genesis Treatment In The Best Medical Spa in Houston, TX. New You Wellness Center.

Laser Genesis Treatment in The Best Medical Spa in Houston.

Laser Genesis is the ideal laser facial that will completely rejuvenate your skin with no downtime. This is one of our favorite procedures at our Houston Med Spa. This treatment is suitable for every type of skin and will result in your skin feeling extremely smooth, radiant, and tight. Laser Genesis is a pleasant, noninvasive treatment that can be used regularly to rejuvenate the skin or to target conditions such as fine lines, redness, wrinkles, acne, Rosacea, scars, uneven texture, enlarged pores, and even reduce vellus hairs on the face.

Laser Genesis is painless and non-invasive and produces a light warming sensation on the face, which assists in stimulating collagen and fibroblast development and accelerates the natural exfoliation process. The laser genesis has no downtime and is ideal for monthly treatments to provide overall healthier and younger-looking skin, enhanced tone and texture, or to add a glow before a major event! It is also effective as an acne therapy for people who have aggressive acne or scarring.

Contact our Houston Med Spa for more information regarding this procedure or to confirm your candidacy for it. Now let’s delve deeper into this blog prepared by experts from our medical spa highlighting some aspects in regards to Laser Genesis including its benefits, duration of results, and whether or not it is painful.

What Benefits Can You Anticipate from Undertaking a Laser Genesis Procedure at Our Houston Med Spa?

Laser Genesis therapy can enhance your skin in several ways:

Laser Genesis can be used as part of a therapy strategy to control persistent acne, decrease acne scarring, or reverse the effects of summer sun exposure. This therapy is popular among teenagers because it effectively reduces acne face markings and scars. Laser Genesis can even be paired with Excel V director treatments to treat aggressive acne areas, providing an extra and beneficial service. Laser Genesis can also be used to smooth face scars, as well as to efficiently reduce obvious redness caused by rosacea or ruptured facial blood vessels. Laser genesis allows for gradual results. If desired, stronger lasers can be used to provide greater precision or dramatic results. You can book a free cosmetic consultation today at our Houston Med Spa to determine which treatment is best for you.

Following one or more Laser Genesis treatments, your skin’s surface will be brightened, refreshed, and smoothed. This treatment can aid in reversing the aging signs on your skin. The therapy is warm and relaxing, and the settings are tailored to suit your skin type.

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Typical Length for Laser Genesis Treatment at Our Houston Med Spa

This therapy lasts up to 30 minutes per location.

What Number of Treatments Sessions Will I Need?

This varies from patient to patient, but treatment experts from our medical spa recommend 4-6 Laser Genesis sessions for optimal outcomes. However, certain skin conditions may necessitate extra treatments. You can arrange a consultation with the medical director at our Houston Med Spa to determine whether your skin is suitable for the treatment and to obtain a cost estimate. We do provide package pricing to promote the utilization of the full therapy.

Is Laser Genesis Painful?

This procedure causes no discomfort. Patients frequently describe the Laser Genesis therapy as calming and pleasant. The laser causes a warming sensation on the skin, similar to what one gets while standing near a fire. No numbing is necessary.

Access The Best Laser Genesis Treatment Procedure at The Best Medical Spa in Houston, TX

Laser Genesis therapy stands out as a quick, simple, and low-risk solution to gradually enhance your skin tone. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, which may put your skin in a state of recovery for days or weeks following your treatment, the lunchtime laser does not require any recovery time or even cause considerable discomfort during the operation. New You Wellness Center strives for customer service quality, and the Laser Genesis therapy is no exception. Contact our medical spa’s laser therapy and skin care professionals today to discover more about how Laser Genesis treatment can benefit your skin. You deserve a radiant skin! We are the leading medical spa in the region for a reason!

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