July 22, 2024

Use Ceramic Tiles To Save Money On Flooring

Planning on redoing your floor and wondering how to get things done under your budget? Well, apart from the obvious flooring options like wood and marble, did you consider that affordable ceramic tiles can help you seal the deal too? Yes, you got that right. Club ceramic tiles come to your rescue. Right from floor tiles to wall tiles, mosaics, and other decorative tiles, you have got them all. 

  • Ceramic tiles provide you with the perfect color options along with multiple sizes and textures to choose from, that being said, these tiles help you create the right look and design for your home. 
  • These tiles have been used for a long time but recently their demand has shot through the roof given that they are visibly indistinguishable from slates, natural marbles, travertines and other similar stone products used for flooring and furnishing. Do you catch the drift? 
  • Comparatively, ceramic floor tiles tend to be sturdier and durable as compared to ceramic wall tiles. The only difference is that the latter comes with a glaze surface finish that makes the surface slippery when wet and this is what makes them agreeable for wall or kitchen, workshop countertop applications as compared to flooring. 
  • A better option for flooring would be the porcelain ceramic tiles. They can be used for interior as well as exterior furnishings. Made from a fine blend of grain clays and other minerals, these tiles are highly resistant to moisture, wear and tear, and also occasional staining as they have a dense body. This also makes them durable enough to withstand heavy foot load, avoid abrasion, scratching, and breaking. The perfect match for your floor.  

Some tips while selecting the right type of ceramic tiles:

  • Select the tile size depending on the size of the room. Smaller tiles for compact rooms and larger tiles for big rooms.
  • Choose contrasting colors for your flooring depending on the colors present in the room.
  • Select the design style and texture based on the overall vibe of the room. 

Now that you know the right type of ceramic tiles to choose, how about you get in touch with your designer and map up a floor plan of your dreams? Alternatively, you can be your designer and create designs and patterns that feel like home to you and get them incorporated into your home. 

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