July 14, 2024

What is ROHS and Why Do You Need Experts to Document the Same?

The responsibility that comes with manufacturing EEE (electrical and electronic equipment) is heavy. Many substances that go into the production of such devices contain hazardous substances. Hence, governments lay many compliance laws to limit and/or restrict the use of certain substances. One such law, probably the strictest, is the ROHS law. 

ROHS is the restriction of hazardous substances. The first thing that you should find out as a manufacturer is whether this law is a moral obligation for the products you manufacture or a mandatory one. For example, if you produce medical and monitoring tools and devices for household and professional use, this law is mandatory for you. But, if you are a manufacturer for the military and aerospace sector, this law is a moral obligation, not a legal one. 

That being said, if this law applies to you, you need the help of experts like Enviropass to help you get the compliance certification. The different ways in which the experts from this firm offer help are listed below! Dive in and explore! 

  1. The supply chain is huge. Even a single discrepancy can lead to the rejection of your application. Hence, experts recover the list of products used at every stage of production by every supplier of yours. 
  2. The substances used (no matter how many) are evaluated whether or not they’re a threat according to the ROHS norms. 
  3. Experts find out whether the limit of permissible products that are still hazardous under what’s allowed. 
  4. If they find that any substance is being used in excess, they redirect the management to cap the limit on your behalf. 
  5. After a careful evaluation and analysis of every single substance used in the manufacture of your products, the experts make a detailed documentation file. 
  6. This file is submitted to the concerned official to issue you with a ROHS compliance certification. 
  7. Experts can also train your staff in the audit procedure and teach them how to monitor and document everything. 

Now, the process might sound doable on your own, but it isn’t. Hundreds of products are introduced in the list of hazardous substances now and then. Similarly, the permissible limit keeps on changing too. Every single section under this law is complicated and there are hundreds of such sections. 

All in all, if you want to sell your products legally in the market and ensure that the ones you’re importing comply with the ROHS norms of your country, taking the help of experts is an absolute necessity. Bear in mind, there’s no limit to the number of times you can get the ROHS testing done since rules keep fluctuating now and then. Hence, you’ve got to make sure at your end that the certification you have isn’t expired. 

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