April 18, 2024

Why You Should Not Release Your Medical History To The Insurance Company 

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The insurance company plays various tricks to get you to accept a lower settlement or reveal information they can use against you. After you have experienced a car accident, the insurance company might ask you for your medical records related to your accident. While it may seem harmless and necessary, do not give this information. 

The insurance carrier is not asking for your medical information to compensate you for your damages but to dig an opportunity to find an excuse not to pay a fair amount. If you have experienced a car accident due to the negligence of another party, speak to a personal injury lawyer in Hillsville today. 

Why do the insurance carriers want your medical records?

Your medical records are some of the most important documents in a personal injury case. These will determine the true extent of your injuries and your compensation amount. When you choose to share your medical records with the other party’s insurance company, you are taking risks. 

First, by sharing this information, you allow them to access your family doctors. The insurance team may attempt to criticize the procedures in which the injuries were examined and the procedures’ charges. An adjuster would love to devalue these records and try to convince you to accept a settlement that does not even cover all your injuries. 

What kind of medical records does the insurance company need?

The following are the medical documents that the insurance company actually needs to process your claim: 

  • Medical reports directly related to the injuries caused by accident.
  • Documented proof that shows injuries, such as x-rays.
  • Proof that you have received treatment for the injuries, such as bills and receipts. 

If you have suffered an accident in Hillsville due to another person’s fault, their insurance company only needs the documentation listed- nothing else. They do not need to know about your medical history and what disease you were suffering from 5 years ago. Only the mentioned documentation is needed to confirm if the injury is real and that the claim is accurate. 

How to respond when an adjuster asks for your records 

  1. You can refuse when asked to provide medical records. 
  2. Do not accept to give a recorded statement or see their physician without consulting your attorney first. 
  3. Contact an attorney before it is too late. Insurance companies usually go after those who do not hire legal assistance. 

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