May 21, 2024

All The Essentials You Need to Know About the ZuluTrade copy trade review

The ZuluTrade business was included among 2011’s top 100 startup companies. The firm employed more than 120 individuals in 2013 and expanded into Japan the following year by acquiring a registered investment adviser. In 2014, the business acquired a regulated investment adviser in Japan. Market Crew Investment became an EU-regulated portfolio manager in 2015. Here is the ZuluTrade copy trade review you would need to know.

Statutes and Security Measures

ZuluTrade received a Portfolio Management License from the European Union in 2015. After that, Triple-A Experts Investment Services SA was formed as the organization’s own brokerage. Brokers and traders based in the European Union may use this brokerage’s services. It is permitted to act as both an IB and a commodities trading adviser in the United States, where it is regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Because ZuluTrade collaborates with a variety of organisations to offer its services, spreads for the Classic Account vary depending on the broker used. Members have access to the most competitive pricing environment at ZuluTrade’s Dayo-powered brokerage AAAFX. 

What Can You Barter For?

This social trading platform’s asset selection is determined only by the recommendations provided by its signal providers. As a consequence of ZuluTrade’s broad agreements with renowned worldwide brokers, traders may have the greatest overall exposure across sectors, including the cryptocurrency market, when utilising the software platform; yet, the foreign exchange market accounts for the majority of traders’ trading methods.

ZuluTrade fully supports the cryptocurrency industry by providing an expanding selection of trading tools to facilitate bitcoin transactions.

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Accounts of Various Types

The “Classic Account” and the “Profit Sharing Account” are the two alternatives offered to investors. The Classic account has greater spreads than the other accounts to compensate traders and ZuluTrade. If all of the conditions are completed, the Profit Sharing Account will levy a $30 monthly fixed cost plus a 25% performance fee. 

Websites for Sale and Purchase

ZuluTrade does not have a trading platform available. The ZuluTrade trading accounts will be linked to the investors’ MT4 trading accounts. It gives detailed information on all traders, ranks them according to their performance, and assesses their risk. From the back office, investors will have comprehensive access to all critical information and portfolio management tools; mobile versions are also available.

How ZuluTrade works

A smartphone version is available, which simplifies portfolio administration.

Unique characteristics of platforms for social trading

Investors may use four different techniques to increase profitability, increase security, simulate portfolios, and get tailored portfolios hand-picked by ZuluTrade’s specialists. As a consequence of the consolidation of its auxiliary services, this company has established itself as a prominent player on the social trading scene, and its impact continues to grow. One of the most important reasons for this is the organization’s services. With the use of Automator, investors have the ability to define rules and fully automate their trading approach. You will need some tips to operate in in the right pattern.

Security protocols for accounts

Due to the Simulator, which summarises past performance, investors will have a better understanding of what to anticipate.

Include a variety of trading techniques in your plan.

Subjects of Study and Instruction

On ZuluTrade’s blog, macroeconomic events are covered, but the firm does not offer educational tools or research. The blog’s frequent updates add to the value of this company’s core offerings. Without a doubt, ZuluTrade rates traders based on their return on investment and risk tolerance. In addition to the currency converter, investors may use any of the four calculators to determine pip values, margins, and profits. Traders and investors may cooperate and share ideas while receiving data via Social Charts.

Clients’ Assistance

Email, phone, and live chat support is available in a variety of languages and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. According to the most recent available figures, the majority of ZuluTrade employees are engaged in support operations, as we discovered during our investigation of the company. The major goal of the Help Center is to give solutions to the most commonly requested questions and problems.

Final Thoughts

ZuluTrade is a licenced social trading platform that has been around for a long time. For traders who prefer to follow trading techniques, ZuluTrade is a competitive rival. Trading techniques may be diversified over a broad range of asset classes thanks to the firm’s global network. Our main concern is that the profit-sharing account’s fee structure will be too expensive for many individual traders.

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