July 22, 2024

Different Causes Of Brake Failure

Brake failure is quite a common, but dangerous problem, which many of the drivers face on a regular basis. So it is important to keep your car’s braking system under constant check to avoid any mishappenings. Apart from upgrading the engine or the tires or the ABS system of your car, you must also keep your braking system upgraded to ensure smooth car driving. Additionally, you must also be aware of the common causes of brake failures.

  • Owner’s neglect

Owner’s neglect is the most common cause of brake failures. Drivers fail to understand that the brake pads, like any other parts of the vehicle, need to be kept in check on a regular basis as they have a limited lifespan. Once the brakes or the other parts of the braking system have worn out, they start performing poorly. Thus, you need to choose the brakes according to your driving pattern to make them last longer or avoid accidents. 

  • Loss of hydraulic brake fluid

Another major cause of brake failure is the loss of the hydraulic brake fluid, which decreases the ability of your vehicle to stop quickly. The hydraulic brake fluid can also leak from the engine or the brake lines of your car. You can try and tap the brakes several times to force the fluid throughout the system. This technique, although effective, should be used only in emergency situations. Having the brakes inspected by a mechanic is the first thing to do if you find difficulty in stopping the car.

  • Overheating of the brake pads

Excessive use of the brakes will cause them to wear out more quickly, and since the brake pads get overheated due to the unbridled use, they get hard and brittle. This hardening of the brake pads makes them lose their grip over the wheel rotor disc, which increases the distance necessary to stop the vehicle. This then leads to brake failure. This is why purchasing high-quality brake pads or keeping the current ones in check and upgrading them will always work in your favor.


There can be several other reasons behind brake failures, which drivers need to acknowledge. Servicing the car periodically can rule out such petty mistakes or issues, which can later turn out to be fatal. In this regard, Crossdrilledrotors.ca offers a set of reliable, efficient, and cost-effective brake parts that drivers can trust.

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