April 18, 2024

Do you need an employment attorney? Find more here!

Employees and workers have certain rights, including the right to work in a safe and bias-free work environment. Unfortunately, incidents involving workplace harassment and discrimination are way too common, and more often than not, aggrieved workers don’t understand what to do next. If you are in similar circumstances, you should consider consulting an Employment Attorney near me, and it doesn’t have to cost anything. What are some reasons why you may need an attorney? How can a lawyer help you? We have a few pointers below for your help.

Reasons to contact an employment attorney

  • You were wrongfully fired from the job
  • You have suffered retaliation for filing a complaint
  • You have been subjected to a hostile work environment
  • You were not paid overtime dues
  • You were abused or sexually harassed by someone at work
  • You fear losing your job after whistleblowing activities
  • You have suffered discrimination because of your age, gender, race, or religion
  • You were denied a promotion because you are pregnant or disabled

Contrary to popular belief, hiring an employment attorney is not just about problems alone. You may want to consult a lawyer when you are about to sign a new employment contract or need advice on the terms and conditions.

How can an employment attorney help?

An employment attorney, as the name suggests, specializes in matters that concern employer-employee relationships and employment laws. When you meet an attorney, you can expect the following –

  1. A free initial review of your case
  2. Advice on your rights
  3. Guidance on the legal options
  4. Suggesting the dos and don’ts for a given situation
  5. Help with the legal steps
  6. Help with gathering information and evidence
  7. Support to keep up with deadlines

Finding the right lawyer

Not all employment attorneys deal with all types of cases, and therefore, the prime area of an attorney’s practice should be your immediate concern. Ask the attorney if they have experience with similar employment-law-related matters and lawsuits. Also, check if the lawyer has online reviews and whether clients are happy with their services. You can also consider cross-checking peer reviews and asking for references.

Also, you need to feel comfortable and confident about hiring an attorney. A good employment attorney is someone who is available, communicative and open to answering your questions. Don’t avoid discussing the tough things that may impact your case in the long run.

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