April 19, 2024

How Are Orthodontists Different From Dentists?

Both orthodontists’ and dentists’ training focus on oral health but in different ways. Every orthodontist is a dentist, as dentistry is a broad medical field containing different areas of specialization. However, not all dentists are orthodontists, as these two fields receive different training. While orthodontists focus on fixing the alignment of teeth and incorrect bites, dentists focus on jaws, gums, and nerves, along with issues surrounding our teeth.

Several other things differentiate an orthodontist from a dentist. This article will discuss some of them. Read on to find out how these two medical fields are similar in some ways and also different at the same time. To learn more about what orthodontists do, visit a Fullerton family orthodontist today.

How are orthodontists different from dentists?

Before getting into their differences, let us learn how they are similar to each other first. The prime similarity between the two fields is their focus on oral health. An orthodontist has the license to offer and provide the same services as a dentist would. They are both considered dental doctors who focus on dental care. They are similar to each other in this aspect.

Now, let us learn about how they are different from each other. An orthodontist shares more differences with a dentist than similarities. To become an orthodontist, you would need extra training and schooling, just like a doctor who gets extra schooling to become a surgeon.

An orthodontist’s primary focus is teeth alignment, so if you ever visit a dentist for bite correction, they are likely to refer you to an orthodontist as bite correction is their specialty.

A dentist can provide services like RCT(root canal treatment), teeth filling, dental crowns, veneers, etc. An orthodontist offers treatments for overbites, misaligned teeth, underbites, incorrect bite placements, etc.

Although orthodontists are trained to focus on correcting teeth and jaw alignment of patients, they are also trained in dentistry. You can visit an orthodontist even if you do not require alignment treatments, as they are licensed to treat other dental issues apart from bite corrections and crooked teeth. However, you cannot do the same with a dentist. A dentist is not trained to fix teeth or jaw placements as they require additional training for that.

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