April 18, 2024

Key features to look for when shopping for a pokemon go account

For both experienced trainers seeking to enhance their roster and newcomers eager to embark on the adventure, buying a Pokemon Go account presents an enticing opportunity. Yet, amidst the multitude of accounts up for grabs, discerning which features to prioritize is essential for making an informed choice.

Trainer level and experience points (XP)

The primary factor to consider when purchasing a Pokemon Go account is the trainer level and accumulated experience points (XP). A high-level account offers several advantages:

  • Access to higher-tier items and rewards
  • Increased chances of encountering rare and powerful Pokemon
  • Ability to participate in exclusive raids and battles

When evaluating accounts, consider your desired level range and the amount of XP required to reach your goals. Keep in mind that accounts with extremely high levels may come at a premium price.

Pokemon collection diversity and quality

A robust and diverse Pokemon collection is a crucial aspect of any well-rounded Pokemon Go account. When assessing an account’s Pokemon roster, pay attention to the following:

  • Variety of Pokemon species, including rare and legendary creatures
  • Pokemon with high Individual Values (IVs) and optimal movesets
  • Shiny Pokemon, which are highly coveted for their unique appearance
  • Regional exclusive Pokemon, which add a touch of rarity to the collection

An account with a diverse range of powerful and sought-after Pokemon can greatly enhance your gameplay experience and provide a competitive edge in battles and raids.

Item inventory and resource reserves

Having a well-stocked item inventory is essential for smooth progression in Pokemon Go. When evaluating an account, consider the following items:

  • Rare candies, which are used to level up Pokemon quickly
  • TMs (Technical Machines) for teaching Pokemon new moves
  • Evolution items required for evolving certain Pokemon species
  • Incubators and Lucky Eggs to accelerate egg hatching and XP gain

Check the account’s reserves of Stardust and Pokemon-specific candies, as these resources are vital for powering up and evolving Pokemon.

Medals and achievements

Medals and achievements in Pokemon Go not only showcase a player’s accomplishments but also provide tangible benefits. Some notable medals to look for in an account include:

  • Gym Leader medals, which grant bonus items when spinning gym discs
  • Raid medals, which increase the chances of receiving rare candies and TMs from raid battles
  • Type-specific catch medals, which boost the catch rate for Pokemon of certain types

Furthermore, accounts with event-exclusive medals or achievements can add a unique flair and demonstrate the trainer’s dedication to the game.

Team affiliation and gym ownership

In pokemon go, players align themselves with one of three teams – Valor, Mystic, or Instinct. When choosing an account, consider your preferred team affiliation and the account’s established gym ownership. Accounts with a strong presence in local gyms provide a strategic advantage and generate a steady income from Pokecoins, the in-game currency. Pokemon Go regularly hosts special events that introduce exclusive Pokemon, items, and bonuses. Accounts that have participated in past events may hold exclusive event Pokemon with unique moves or abilities. Additionally, look for accounts with rare event items, such as limited-edition clothing or accessories, which add a touch of exclusivity to your collection.

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