May 21, 2024

Unarmed Security Guard Services in Austin, Texas. Ranger Security Agency.

Professional Unarmed Security Guards

Not all security guards engaged for protection are armed, despite the fact that they are sometimes the first kind of security that comes to mind. Actually, the majority of security personnel worldwide are unarmed security guards. They can do multiple activities and are more valuable in diverse situations than armed guards. Ranger Security Agency, a top Austin security company, offers unarmed security guards for hire who are superb and extremely responsive. We firmly believe that our Austin security guards represent the greatest choice for any individual or company looking for a backup plan.

Who Are Unarmed Security Guards?

Our unarmed Austin security guards are certified security guards in Texas who are tasked with keeping an eye on and safeguarding a facility or piece of property. They receive lots of training; in fact, their training is similar to our armed Austin security guards except that they do not receive arms training as they do not carry lethal weapons. Some of the specialized training that our Austin security company offers our unarmed guards include CPR, customer experience, basic first aid, incident response, etc.

 Benefits of Hiring Our Unarmed Guards From Our Austin Security Company

Our unarmed Austin security guards are far more valuable to people and businesses in terms of protection, security, and peace of mind. Their advantages outweigh the expense of contracting them. Usually, our unarmed security guards are deployed at malls, parking garages, public gathering points, site constructions as well as any other premises that pose a danger to persons or properties. Our unarmed Austin security guards have the added advantage of being a deterrent to would-be criminals, aside from the fact of primarily maintaining order and safety around. They are also taught the right protocols and procedures to follow in emergencies, which could include a fire or a medical emergency, and they are expected to be physically present and actively participate in the prevention of crime. Our unarmed Austin security guards can also engage with the public more readily than many of our armed guards, meaning that they excel both at customer service and security duties.

Why Should You Hire Unarmed Guards From Our Austin Security Company? 

In some situations, hiring unarmed guards from our Austin security company is the best option. Such scenarios include:

  • When operating in a low-risk area.
  • When operating in a gun-sensitive environment.
  • When constrained in terms of budget.

In such circumstances, hiring our Austin security guards would be the best option.

The unarmed security guards of Ranger Security Agency, the number one Austin security company, are among the best in the industry. Our business has a stellar record with both past and present clients. Since we have been in operation for years, both our company and our security guards have a wealth of knowledge that will be extremely helpful in any emergency or urgent situation that calls for quick action. We have experience working with both big and small businesses, as well as families and individuals. Our unarmed Austin security guards are the best in the industry.

Give our Austin security company a chance to manage your security requirements by providing you with a squad of unarmed guards to ward off potential criminal activity. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to Ranger Security Agency for dependable security solutions. Besides our unarmed guards, we also offer other guarding services including event guarding services, armed guarding services, mall security services, construction site security services, commercial security services, office building security services, patrol services, residential security services, etc. We have a customizable plan for any security need. Call us today!

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