June 14, 2024

Most common causes of slip and fall

Many people have to be rushed to the emergency room due to falls and slips every year. The effects of these falls can range from bruises to broken bones and even paralysis. This may be very fatal and cause death. Not all fall cases lead to personal injury lawsuits, but if the accident happens on the premises of someone due to negligence, then you are entitled to compensation. Rather than filing the lawsuit by yourself, you can hire a Utah Injury Attorney who is qualified enough to advise you legally.

Injuries in fall and slip accidents

  • An accident caused by a slip and fall can cause serious and significant head damage, including brain damage, which is traumatic. This can lead to damage to the brain that is physical, including bleeding and tearing of several tissues, which may also lead to death.
  • A dangerous fall can damage the spinal cord severely. Spinal cord injuries can cause permanent damage and cause paralysis. Treatment can be very long and expensive in such cases.
  • When someone experiences a break in major bones like the pelvis bone or bone of the hip due to a fall, they suffer from a permanent negative effect like loss of mobility, and hence it reduces the overall quality of life. They cause major issues that need long-term treatment and also several costly surgeries.

Causes of fall and slips accidents

  • Wet floors and uneven floors
  • Potholes in the parking lots
  • Torn carpets 
  • Poorly constructed staircases
  • Weather conditions
  • Footwears 
  • Spilled liquids that remain uncleaned

 Compensation for fall and slip accidents

  • All medical bills including future bills too
  • The expense of all medical equipment like wheelchairs etc.
  • wages lost and future wages too
  • Cost of transportation
  • the cost of hiring a nurse or a domestic help
  • Awards for the loss of quality of life
  • Awards for physical and emotional suffering


Fall and slip accidents caused on someone’s property due to the negligence of the owner to make the environment safe can result in lawsuits filed by the victim of the accidents. Falls can be dangerous and fatal. They can damage brains and spinal cords, break major bones, and also result in paralysis. Falls can be life-threatening. Hence, it will be very dumb of you if you are willing to file the lawsuit for compensation by yourself as such cases are very complex, so it is always advised to hire a personal injury lawyer as they are experienced in such cases.

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