July 22, 2024

Protecting Private, Confidential and Sensitive, Information from Leakage


Because of the continuous technological advances across the globe to meet people’s needs and wants, smart gadgets and online connectivity have been greatly relied on. Especially with the current pandemic situation that has started two years ago, people are now using digital platforms for their various transactions it may be revolving around money, purchasing goods, running business, shipping of items and more.

Information is created and shared between people to people, business to business or people to business and vice versa, in which these data are classified as private, confidential and sensitive, and should be kept properly with care to avoid leakage and unwanted suspicious usage or advancement.

But since hackers are now more tech savvy than ever, data breaches often happen nowadays and requires stricter security system like mobile call monitoring to minimize or avoid damage at all.

Data leakage is an unauthorized sharing of private information within an organization to an external destination or recipient. This can be done through physical or digital transfer, in which the latter has more threat since hackers can be knowledgeable enough to break through digital protective systems and countermeasures. Digital leakage is usually happening through web and email but can also occur in mobile data storage like optical media, flash drive keys and laptops.

Information leakage will not only harm a business or the person where hackers got the private data they need, but also to the other party that has been transacted with. Common cases today involve sharing of shipment addresses which are exposed and seen through parcel waybills that weren’t disposed or erased properly. Some scammers send items a person never bought and make them pay without realizing that they never ordered something like it. People are suffering to this kind of modus nowadays.

Hence, the very reason why companies and customers themselves protect each other’s private information to be leaked. Data leakage prevention like capture mobile calls plays a vital role especially under our current health situation where almost everyone relies on online and digital transactions.

To learn more about protecting private, confidential and sensitive information from leakage, you can read this infographic from TeleMessage.


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