June 14, 2024

The Untold Truth About Illegal Teeth Whitening

There is a large industry for cheap teeth whitening, so it makes logical that if you are short on time or money, you might think twice about receiving a special offer from a person who is not a licensed dentist or purchasing whitening supplies online. If you are unsure about any services claiming to whiten your teeth online, contact a Manhattan, NY dentist.

The untold truth about illegal teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is an affordable dental procedure with exceptional cosmetic outcomes when done correctly. A dentist registered with the General Dental Council is legally instructed to do it.

So why do stylists and non-dental experts continue to market teeth-whitening products in huge quantities? Lack of awareness is one factor. When caught, unofficial practitioners usually claim they were not conscious of the provisions of the law, that their whitening business had assured them that their items were legal, or that they would not be held responsible if the patient used the product themselves.

Know The Facts About Teeth Whitening Before Getting Treatment


  • A visit to the dentist will determine if you are an ideal treatment candidate. If your teeth and gums are weak or if you are pregnant, you should avoid teeth whitening.
  • Treatment under the guidance of a GDC-qualified dentist who finished a five-year training program or is a registered nurse or dental hygienist.
  • Treatment is provided in a cutting-edge clinical environment.
  • The whitening gel, regulated and accessible only by prescription, contains a maximum of 6 percent hydrogen peroxide (or 16% carbamide peroxide’s equivalent). This is a legal over-the-counter medication that only contains 0.1%, which makes them effective and secure.
  • Customized whitening trays that precisely fit your teeth can whiten them while preserving your gums.
  • Managed medical care and customizable medications.
  • Continuous aftercare, including advice on maintaining your smile’s whiteness.


  • It is entirely at your own risk to undergo any dental procedure or have a medical professional assess your fitness for treatment.
  • Treatment from an inexperienced practitioner who purchases the goods directly from a supplier without knowing what is in them.
  • Unhygienic household surroundings for treatment.
  • Products that are unlawfully manufactured can contain as much as 300 times the legal amount of hydrogen peroxide, which may give rise to tooth pain burning, and blistering that lasts a lifetime.
  • Generic whitening tablets allow saliva to minimize the gel’s impact on your teeth by leaking bleaching gel onto your gums.
  • Unexpected effects can include uneven whitening, damaged enamel, swelling, burns, and persistent discomfort.
  • No further treatment or legal recourse in case the therapy is failed.

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