June 14, 2024

 What to Avoid when Selling a Spanish House

We asked Martin Green from Javea Estate Agents what sellers can do to achieve a quick sale in a slow Spanish property market. This is what he revealed. If potential homebuyers take an immediate dislike to your house, they will never see its true potential, so try to avoid some of the most obvious turn-offs.

Potential Spanish buyers often desire an emotional connection to the prospective when shopping for their future home. Many buyers are unable to look objectively at a house to uncover its full potential. Instead, an instant negative impression can turn off a buyer before they tour the property. This can happen the moment their car drives up to the front of the house. While you may not be able to rectify issues with the neighbourhood, you should address the negative features of your property before the potential buyer arrives.

Improve the Curb Appeal

Martin says while garden ornaments can dress up the front yard, some potential buyers perceive yard ornaments as tacky and a distraction. The prospective buyer doesn’t need to appreciate your decorating ability; you simply do not want to turn off the buyer before entering the house.

If you sincerely believe your ornaments add to the property, seek a second opinion from another person, such as your real estate agent. If they recommend you remove the ornaments, follow the advice and do not take offence. If you are not sure the person feels comfortable giving an honest opinion, remove the ornaments anyway. Prospective buyers do not appreciate the weeds and trash in the front yard or the dying bushes. They especially hate the pet droppings you failed to pick up.

Freshly mowed green lawn welcomes the prospective buyer, while brown, dying, and shaggy grass is a turn-off.

Instead of visualising the possibilities of the front yard, they will simply see work. It only takes a few minutes to wash the front door, removing smudges and fingerprints. Many buyers will never remember the front door, in spite of the fact this is typically where they first enter the house. The exception to this is if the door is especially attractive and dramatic or filthy. Entering a home through a dirty and neglected front door sets a poor tone for the showing.

Odours are a Major Turn Off

If the buyer hates the smell of your house, they will inevitably hate your house. Remove the smoke, pet, and cooking odours. Since the person living in the home rarely notices the unpleasant odour, you might want to proceed as if it smells bad and improve the condition. Go lightly on strong-smelling cleaning products, as those can also trigger a negative reaction. One way to help avoid odours is by turning on the aircon for half an hour before the prospective buyer arrives.

Remove Personal Trinkets

The buyer may hate what you have done with the place, even though you think it is pretty. Sellers often take offense because buyers may hate their décor or the clutter of knickknacks and family pictures on display. Yet, if you want to sell your property as quickly as possible, do not alienate potential buyers just because they are not capable of seeing beyond your stuff.

Pack up the pictures and clutter, and give them a chance to picture their stuff sitting there. After all, you will be moving your stuff after you sell. The buyers hate the old car, moped, and boat parked in your back yard. You know you plan to move the junk before escrow closes, but all buyers can think about is the hassle of hauling that junk away after they purchase your house. To remove all the old junk from your yard and house.

While not every potential buyer will love your house, it will take longer to find one that does if your house gives a poor first impression.

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