June 14, 2024

Renting a Custom Trade Show Exhibit Without Going Over Budget

Many start-ups and small businesses rule out the idea of renting custom trade show exhibits because they assume the whole process is too expensive. Those booths sure seem professionally built. That fancy lighting and all those custom branding banners look like they must cost a fortune.

And so many of the booths at a trade show represent huge corporations. We all know they have unlimited budgets. But is it possible to compete for the attention of attendees just by renting a custom trade show exhibit? And ultimately, is there adequate ROI to bother putting in the time, energy, and money?

Done wrong, it is certainly possible to simply be exhausted by the demands of a trade show. Done right, renting custom trade show exhibits spark new attention and then develop long-term customer relationships. 

How to Know if You Are Doing It Right

It may feel like a mystery. But renting custom trade show exhibits requires the assistance of a professional designer. They do this every day. Yes, every day. And they know exactly how to make sure you are doing it right – even on a small budget. 

Choose the Trade Show Exhibit with the Right Features

Modern trade show exhibits have a lot of optional features. Carefully choose what you need and make sure the booth you pick offers only the features you need. It is possible to overpay by up to 25% just by getting features you don’t need to attract your audience! 

Spend some time with your trade show exhibit designer exploring their portfolio. Glean ideas, and make sure they can deliver what you want. List exactly what features you need to meet your marketing objectives at the event.

Renting custom trade show exhibits gives you the ability to completely personalize and brand your booth to maximize every penny you spend. 

Align the Booth Size with your Budget  

Bigger booths are bigger bucks. But you don’t need a huge booth to get attention from your targeted audience. Renting custom trade show exhibits gives you an option with every show, so you can wait and get a bigger booth later, when you have a bigger budget. Start with a 10 X 10 and move up to 20 X 20 in the next show, or even next year. In no time you’ll have a big 30 X 30 booth that pays dividends at every event! 

When you choose a smaller booth, you do need to make sure it is carefully designed. Plan out the traffic flow, staffing positions, and how to make a favorable impression on attendees as they walk by. 

In Summary

Choose carefully and renting custom trade show exhibits makes sense. Stay in your smaller marketing budget, but still have a big impact on results. A huge budget isn’t the key to success at a trade show. Don’t hesitate because you are thinking you need a big budget to be a success at an industry event! A well-planned, well-designed custom booth will have a significant impact on your audience. 

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